New Idles video stars a head-banging office worker

Directed by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern of 32, the promo for Mercedes Marxist follows the daily life of a man desperate to leave behind the 9 to 5 grind

In an ode to anyone who has ever hated their life, Mercury-nominated band Idles’ latest music video gives new meaning to the expression ‘banging your head against a brick wall’.

Created by directing duo 32, the film opens with grainy footage of a generic, grey office block. While his colleagues are contentedly getting on with their dreary existence, one office worker has clearly had enough.

He proceeds to – quite literally – bang his head on anything in his sight, whether that’s his desk at work or while drowning his sorrows at his local boozer. All in perfect time to the music, natch.

Directors: 32
Production company: Pulse Films
Editor: Ellie Johnson