New interactive music video-game for Androp

New creative company Party has created this totally beautiful new interactive music video-cum-game for Japanese band Androp. We advise that you play it now.

New creative company Party has created this totally beautiful new interactive music video-cum-game for Japanese band Androp. We advise that you play it now.

Party, profiled in the current issue of CR, was formed earlier this summer by five of Japan’s top creative talents. This new website follows another recent promo for Androp by the company, for track Bright Siren (shown here), which uses 250 camera strobes to create a light animation. They have chosen an entirely different look for the new site, however, which features an elegant, illustrative style and invites users to join in a game where they must attempt to deliver a message intact. The game is set to Androp’s new track, Bell.

The site opens by inviting users to type a message of their choice. The letters of the message are then used to form an animal, with the size of the animal dictated by the size of the message. Above is the smallest message, which becomes a rabbit, and the largest, an elephant. There are a number of other animals to discover too.

Players then have to guide their animal through a landscape fraught with peril: across deserts and over seas, travelling by day and at night. Throughout, enemies are waiting to attack. Each time another creature hits your message-bearer, your missive will change, one letter at a time.

Whatever is left of your message at the end can then be shared with friends, along with a replay of your game and also the actual message you wanted to send.

The film below shows the game in action. To play yourself, visit

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