New Look For Two

BBC2 has launched a new on-screen identity, comprising a series of 14 idents, a new logo and colour palette, and an interactive element that viewers can access online

The revised logo keeps it simple using a new colour, deep aqua, and bold lettering in the Avenir typeface. The station’s colour palette has also been extended to include six extra colours.

The idents, designed by AMV BBDO and produced by Red Bee Media, see the figure 2 become a window device within which various different scenarios are played out. These range from the simplistic – a chocolate 2 shape sprinkled onto a cappuccino – to the dramatic – where a man being chased leaps up through a figure 2 in order to hide. Others focus on nature, with one showing a sea crashing into the 2, while another sees the number appear like a sunroof in a moving vehicle, revealing the sky above. In a movement that is rather reminiscent of Channel 4’s station idents, many of the films show the camera pulling back to slowly reveal the number 2. The idents were produced by Red Bee Media’s John Golley, and directed by Joanna Bailey, Michael Geoghegan, Mark Jenkinson, Ian Cross and Stuart Hilton.

In what now seems a ubiquitous requirement of any major launch, from 28 February, viewers can interact with the new identity by downloading the 2 template from the channel website at and creating their own films. The best ones will be posted on the site. Also available to download online is that other essential media accessory, a wallchart, which celebrates some of the most memorable BBC2 idents. Creatives: Rob Oliver, Chris Bardsley, AMV BBDO. On-screen presentation: Paul Mitchell, Red Bee Media. Animation: Picasso Pictures.



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