New Madness video starring Jaime Winstone

Adam Smith has directed this excellent promo for Madness’ new single Dust Devil. He talks to CR about working with Jaime Winstone and Alfie Allen in the video, and how it was shot.

Dust Devil by Madness, directed by Adam Smith, production company: RSA Films

Adam Smith has directed this excellent promo for Madness’ new single Dust Devil. He talks to CR about working with Jaime Winstone and Alfie Allen in the video, and how it was shot.

CR: What’s the story behind the video, did you have a brief from the band?
Adam Smith: There wasn’t a specific brief – it sort of came from a few pub discussions with them and then some trust on their part. I wanted to make a story based on the character that is described in the song and through this process ended up remembering a lot of nights trying to chaperone “spirited” girlfriends out of some of the situations that pop up on a night out when you are a bit over “spirited”.

CR: How did you film it? Where was it shot, and how long did it take to shoot?
AS: It was filmed over one lively night in Soho (8pm to 5am). All shot solely using a body harness attached to the actress.

CR: Did you encounter any difficulties/problems on the shoot?
AS: Not really. We just embraced the chaos of nocturnal Soho. Quite a few of the local “residents” got involved and made minor cameos. Jaime was incredible at just going with whatever happened and staying in the moment. Very dedicated, hardworking and brave actress. Alex the producer, Owen the DOP, Chris the 1st and all our stripped-down crew were brilliant at just getting on with whatever minor hiccups we had.

CR: How did Jaime Winstone and Alfie Allen become involved?
AS: I asked them to do it. I had worked with Jaime before and think she is brilliant so wanted to work with her again. I couldn’t think of anyone else that would play the role better and would have the guts to take on Soho on a busy night with a camera strapped to her. Luckily she loved the idea and was available. The Alfie casting was again because he is brilliant but also for the instant intimacy that you get on screen between the two of them. It was important to the story in the video that the characters really loved each other. Also because we all know each other there was a shorthand whilst working and I know they are both really dedicated to what they do so we wouldn’t have any problems and that we might even enjoy the shoot (which we really did). The enjoyment of the evening was added to by Charlie Creed Miles (Nil by Mouth) and Jesse Keegan from North of Ping Pong playing the transvestites (at their own request!) and Peter Hugo Daly who has been in a lot of things I have made (from Little Dorrit to Lady Sovereign) played the mini cab driver.

CR: Did the band request not to be in the video?
AS: Three of them are in the video! Little cameos as the angry minicab punters. They had just got back from touring in Australia so there were only a few of them about. Gregarious gesticulating replaced nutty dancing for this video.

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