New platform Lava brings music to life as you listen

Part music video, part interactive sleeve design, Lava is a new app that uses audio recognition to trigger stunning artworks in AR to accompany individual songs. The potential for its use are vast, according to its creators at W+K’s Dept of New Realities

Music seemed easier in the analogue era. If you fancied some new tunes, you could head to a record shop and have a browse. If you were inclined towards art and design, you might even pick a record (or tape, or CD) by virtue of its sleeve alone, drawn in by the mysterious artwork to hear what music lay behind the visuals.

Without wishing to sound like a Luddite, it’s easy to see how some of the magic of this process has been lost in the digital age of algorithms and streaming. And I’m obviously not alone in this, as proven by the recent resurgence in vinyl.

Arriving to bridge the gap between the 70s era of playing records and today’s digital first approach is a new app designed by the tech wizards at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s in-house creative shop the Department of New Realities. Titled Lava, the first launch under the new platform transforms the tracks on SOS – the debut album by the artist Necessary Explosion – into 11 psychedelic AR sculptures, specifically designed to bring to life the soulful, 70s vibe of each song as you listen.



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