New podcast episode: How ad agencies are changing with the times

This episode of Creativity Sucks! looks at how advertising agencies are adapting to offer something new to clients and creatives alike

Advertising is meant to be one of the most creative industries around, yet this is not always in evidence in the way that agencies set up their working practices, with structures carved out in the Mad Men days still the go-to method for doing business.

However, recent events such as the rise of brands having in-house creative teams; a desire for agencies to offer a wider spectrum of skills; and the impact of the pandemic on how teams now work have meant that we’ve seen some new models emerging that challenge the status quo and offer something different to both clients and creatives.

Guests Ian Heartfield, Tiffany Rolfe, and Kwame Taylor-Hayford

In this episode of Creativity Sucks!, host Eliza Williams talks to Ian Heartfield, co-founder of New Commercial Arts; Tiffany Rolfe, chair and global chief creative officer at R/GA; and Kwame Taylor-Hayford, co-founder of Kin, about the way they have structured their businesses to answer the changing needs of the industry.

You can listen to the episode below, or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoyed this episode, you may want to check out previous shows relevant to this topic, which include a look at the blurring of advertising and design; and whether all brands need a purpose.