New podcast episode: What do you earn?

In this latest episode of CR’s podcast series, Creativity Sucks!, we’re looking at the thorny subject of pay in the creative industries

Creativity Sucks! podcast

Talking about money is never easy. Depending on your upbringing, and your personal experiences with money, it might make you very uncomfortable indeed. And yet, in the creative industries, which are notorious for having a somewhat vague relationship with pay, it’s a more important topic than ever.

For this reason, we’re getting to the heart of the matter in the latest episode of the Creative Review podcast, which looks at pay from all angles: examining the pay gaps in the industry; whether companies need to be more transparent about what they pay; and asking if you should ever work for free.

Eliza Williams, CR’s editor and podcast host, is joined for this discussion by Cat How, founder and ECD at branding agency How&How; Sachini Imbuldeniya, who is ECD at content agency Nemorin; and Stu Outhwaite-Noel, CCO at ad agency Creature. You can listen to their conversation below or wherever you get your podcasts. And if you enjoy the show, please like and share, it really helps.