New site for the National Theatre of Wales

The National Theatre of Wales has a new website, courtesy of Cardiff-based branding and digital agency Hoffi

The National Theatre of Wales has a new website, courtesy of Cardiff-based branding and digital agency Hoffi

Here’s the main interface for

And once you have clicked through to a particular event…

Hoffi were awarded the project in July. They were asked to accommodate NTW’s existing online activities, including an online community with over 1,000 active members and also to work with the NTW brand language and imagery that have been developed by Elfen over the past year. Artistic director of NTW John E McGrath says: “Hoffi took a complex brief – a new national theatre company with strong ideas about it’s identity, a pre-existing social network and a graphic design team on board – and managed to do something that was uniquely imaginative while clearly in step with the decisions already in place.”

Elfen’s work for NTW involved developing the brand language, and its application on various media (brochure above and images below). Elfen’s Guto Evans explains that “The brochure is the inital publication to create an interest in the Theatre’s work, they want to involve the audience, writers and performers in the process of creating and influencing the first 12 months of the theatre’s productions.”

“As part of the development and initial research, and then creative
expression derived from National Theatre Wales’s brief, we took a physical journey, created spaces in the landscape and documented the process. We investigated how landscape influenced societies, and where society has shaped landscapes, later this process fed into the brand identity visuals.” The idea, Evans explains, is that these spaces are continually filled with different content, just as the theatre is.

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