New Skoda ad harks back to the 90s

Skoda’s new ad will be a trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers the ‘interesting’ fashion choices of the 90s. In a sea of bland car ads, it stands out for its surprising approach

There’s not a glamorous cliff top in sight in this new car ad from Skoda from French agency Rosapark, which instead of showing off the sleek curves of the brand’s vehicles, features a series of low-fi footage that emulates the 90s, with plenty of grunge styling, hammer pants and neon.

The jokey point is that we were all – including Skoda’s cars – uglier back before the millennium.

It seems a slightly daring move for the brand to remind viewers just how unfashionable (and unattractive) its cars once were – though Skoda has a heritage of making ads that take the mick out of its reputation, famously repositioning itself in the early 2000s with a campaign from Fallon London which addressed the problem head on with wit and style.

This new spot may not be quite as bold as those (or in remotely the same league as Skoda’s finest advertising hour, with 2007’s Cake) but it’s certainly a relief to see some imagination returning to car ads again – long may it continue.

Agency: Rosapark
Creatives: Julien Perrard, Nicolas Hurez
Production company: Big
Director: Jean Baptiste Saurel