New Spin on ICA Identity

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) celebrates its sixtieth birthday this year

To help mark the occasion, and also to make the institution more welcoming and inviting, design studio Spin has created a new identity.

“The use of its full title, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, is quite deliberate,” explains Spin’s Tony Brook. “It marks a move away from being just for those ‘in the know’ and reminds people why they should visit.” Brook describes the new identity as playful, exuberant with a confident colour palette and clear, accessible typography.

It features a graphic element of circles which references the configuration of water molecules. In some applications, this circular motif incorporates graphic constructions created by mathematician Ken Stephenson from the University of Tennessee. “These graphic forms support the notion that the closer you get, the more you see,” Brook says.

The ICA also boasts a new website, developed hand in hand with the new identity. It includes a blog, an online shop and a facility for users to buy their tickets online.

“Our hope is that the re-brand, alongside other initiatives, will put the ICA firmly back on people’s list of places to visit,” adds Brook.


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