New Stella ad, shot by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola

Stella Artois has a spanky new TV and cinema ad, courtesy of ad agency Mother and a directorial collaboration between none other than Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola…

No longer “reassuringly expensive”, Stella Artois should, these days, always be supped from a special chalice shaped glass. The beer brand also has a spanky new TV and cinema ad, courtesy of ad agency Mother and a directorial collaboration between Wes Anderson of Moxie Pictures and Roman Coppola of The Director’s Bureau

The spot, entitled Apartomatic, features a gadget loving guy who brings a girl back to his gadget-tastic apartment. As he slips into something more comfortable, his date explores the a switchboard on the table infront of her. Tables, walls and sofas revolve as hidden gadgets start er, gadgeting.

By the time our young hero emerges from his walk-in wardrobe, the sofa has swallowed the girl, but his Stella-pouring gadget has poured a single chalice full of lager. Rather than wondering where his date has disappeared to, her muffled calls from within the revolving sofa instead give him the impression his fresh pint of Stella is calling out to him. “Mon amour,” he whispers as he strides forth with a grin and a twinkle in his eye.

Cut to a product shot of the chalice of Stella and (as far as we know) a brand new strapline for the brand: “she is a thing of beauty.”

Apartomatic has aired in the US already and is due to hit UK TV and cinema screens any day now.

Amazing what you can find on YouTube…

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