The New Talent Issue of Creative Review is out now!

The latest issue of CR features profiles on 14 creatives who, despite being early on in their careers, have made it clear that the next generation of the industry is in great hands

Image shows the cover of the New Talent issue by Rachel Fleminger Hudson, showing two people waiting in a crowd
Cover art: Rachel Fleminger Hudson

It can be hard to find the right term to describe the people who are coming up in the creative industry without it seeming patronising and diminishing.

For this issue of the magazine, we’ve settled on ‘new talent’ as the way of grouping the 14 creatives that we’ve profiled within. But this isn’t ideal either, as many of those featured have already scored commissions with major brands or have thousands of followers across social media. They are therefore not brand new, really, but are still in their early years in the industry, and on a steep learning curve in discovering how everything works, pitfalls and all.

Image shows a spread on Ryu Ika in the New Talent Issue, featuring a photograph of a person wearing multiple bags falling onto a bed
Image shows a spread on Helena Dong from the New Talent issue
Image shows a spread on Vincenzo Ragona in the New Talent issue, featuring a black and white graphic

And, it really is sad to discover, there are plenty of pitfalls. Despite their early success, many of those featured in this issue have experienced racism, sexism, or a general lack of support while trying to find their way in the industry.

This has led to a common theme of tenacity – whether that be in finding ways of teaching themselves the skills they need to get to where they want, or in overcoming mental health issues caused by the setbacks they’ve encountered.

Image shows a spread on Cristobal Ascensio from the New Talent issue, headlined 'Photography, technology' memory'
Image shows a spread on Ebeneza Blanche from the New Talent Issue, headlined 'Entertainment as a means to an end'
Image shows a spread from the New Talent issue headlined 'In Praise of Silliness', featuring an aubergine icon in place of the 'i'

This determination is truly admirable, but it surely should not be this hard to make your way into these worlds, especially considering that the creative industries claim to be doing all they can to make new voices and new people welcome. Our conversations with the talent featured here would suggest there is much more work to be done.

But this is perhaps to dwell too much on the negative, for despite the challenges they’ve faced, everyone in this issue is producing work that can make us all feel excited and reassured that the next generation of the industry is in great hands. Remember to make a note of their names, for you may well be looking at the early work of future stars.