How production companies can be a film school for the next top director

Danielle Hinde, founder at Doomsday Entertainment, draws on her experience of working with directors such as Hiro Murai, Alma Har’el, and The Daniels to explain the role that production companies play in nurturing the new talent the industry needs

Scouting around to find remarkable new directing talent is the axle that keeps the wheel turning for our creative film, TV, music video and advertising industries. Producers and reps can’t afford to rest on their laurels by only touting the names of established talent: that’s how creativity gets complacent.

Over the years, always remaining in search of new talent is how I’ve kept the train running as a producer of award-winning videos and films. It’s why I’ve been nicknamed Mama Doom: I’ve raised a lot of baby filmmakers over the decades. I’ve found that it’s important to develop both your sixth sense for potential talent when they’re new to the industry, and your ability to nurture their creative and practical skills as a director. The formula isn’t difficult to replicate and pays dividends in creative output.

One key to discovering new talent is to look for their original taste: a native wellspring of fresh ideas. There is no shortage of new directors, especially in the content creator era where everyone with an iPhone is an amateur filmmaker, but having an eye for their potential is the true party trick.