New Year’s Resolutions

‘James McNulty’ shares his New Year’s Resolutions

At around about this time every year, I start making my New Year’s resolutions. This year, seeing as I now seem to have a regular column in Creative Review, I thought I’d share them with you. Here they are:

Next year I will get more ads made than I did this year.

Next year I will not check my email during meetings.

Next year I will say thank you to the tv producer for organising everything and not ask in a loud voice why we are only flying Premium Economy.

Next year I will actually visit a company’s website and do some proper research on their product before jumping straight in to writing ads about it.
Next year I will ask for a pay rise.

Next year I will stop reading advertising blogs.

Next year I will no longer auto-matically assume my ideas are better than my partner’s. (They are, though).

Next year I will ask anyone who briefs me to create a microsite, exactly how they expect consumers to find it – while randomly typing in web addresses, perhaps?

Next year at industry parties I will not drink twice my own bodyweight in booze just because it is free.

Next year I will not slag off the brief the minute the planner has left the room.
Next year I will not buy my lunch as frequently from Pret A Manger.

Next year I will not buy so many trainers, especially models that are more suited to boxing than the office.

Next year I will attend a D&AD President’s Lecture.

Next year I will go on Facebook no more than twice a day (or considerably less, should Facebook start to become unfashionable).

Next year I will turn the pages of Lürzer’s Archive and say ‘scam’ … ‘scam’ … ‘scam’ … ‘scam’, just like I did this year.

Next year I will write to whoever wins the general election and ask why the UK is so far behind the US in getting the next series of Mad Men.

Next year I will give jazz another chance. Last one, mind.

Next year I will send scripts to new and interesting directors and not just the usual suspects.

Next year I will not be sullen and uncooperative during brainstorms.
Next year I will produce an ambient/non-traditional-media piece, rather than just a pile of ideas for ambient/non-traditional-media pieces that never happened.

Next year I will sometimes go to a different pub, and not just the one nearest the office.

Next year I will not waste time trying to change a creative director’s mind on anything.

Next year I either won’t go to any awards ceremonies, or if I do go, I will find a way to feel less murderous.

Next year I will get a job at either Fallon, Mother, DDB, BBH or Wieden + Kennedy.

Next year I will make a new list of New Year’s resolutions, no doubt.

‘James McNulty’ is an ad creative at a London-based agency

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