New York magazine’s The Cut creates fun T-shirt range from headlines

Via Amazon, the magazine’s “destination for women with stylish minds” is selling a range of T-shirts with slogans pulled from the section’s witty headlines

As we are all too aware, magazines today have to be increasingly imaginative about how they earn a crust. New York’s sharp, witty women’s section, The Cut, has branched out into merchandise with an Amazon store selling T-shirts with slogans gleaned from the section’s headlines.

For $24.99 (or the equivalent in pounds in the UK) you can now stroll around with “What do Jared and Ivanka do all day?” emblazoned across your chest. Or, a favourite here at CR, “Content”.

According to AdAge, the aforementioned “Content” shirt is currently the top seller, with “I Think About This a Lot”, “Let Me Fat in Peace” and “Witch, Hunting” also appearing in the top ten.

See the whole range here