NHS Film Competition: The Shortlist

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to make films for the NHS. The shortlist has now been decided

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to make films for the NHS. The shortlist has now been decided

NHS Choices and CR gave readers the chance to develop a new animated character/s to communicate vital public health messages. The chosen entrant will be given a six month contract to develop his or her concept and put it into action.

We now have a shortlist of five, each of whom will be given £3000 to make a test film. They are:

Wolfgang Matzl from Austria, whose frankly slightly bizarre idea involved a family of brains who encourage their hosts to make healthy choices.

Naomi Zahl from Bristol with Modern Martin and family

Ian Ball from Bristol with Bob and Brenda (you can view an early version of his film here)

The Brothers McLeod from Stratford Upon Avon, with their Tokkels characters.

And, finally, Boram Lee, a student at St Martins, with Bone Dog, another off-beat creation that we have high hopes for.

Each of them have been given a particular ailment or facet of healthy living to cover in their test films which are due to be completed by the end of June.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted ideas.

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