Nice work

Hovis commercial, agency: MCBD, creatives: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance, production company: Rattling Stick, director: Ringan Ledwidge
Here’s the latest round-up of interesting advertising work that has passed through CR Towers recently. First up is the most recent piece of ‘event advertising’ to hit our screens – the new ad for Hovis, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, which has garnered an inexplicable amount of coverage on TV and in the press. For what, we’re not sure – it’s well directed, but the plot of the ad, which is both a homage to Hovis’ longevity and to its advertising heritage, feels rather hackneyed. But nostalgia is a powerful tool in advertising these days, and the advert is also a history of Britain over the last 122 years. It is therefore suitably long – running at one second per year. See it for yourself above.


Milton Keynes