Nice work for EDF, Playboy, AXA and more

We have a bumper crop of nice ad work to share with you this week. First up is a new spot for EDF energy from AIS London, which features a giant handmade zoetrope…

We have a bumper crop of nice ad work to share with you this week. First up is a new spot for EDF energy from AIS London, which features a giant handmade zoetrope…

The ad is part of the EDF ‘Thank Yous’ campaign, and the zoetrope features a range of prizes that customers can win, including trips on the London Eye and to the Eden Project, as well as tickets to the Olympics. Agency: AIS London. Creative director: Geoff Gower. Creatives: Pete Ioulianou, Ollie Agius. Director: Jason Tozer. Edited and produced by The Mill.

DDB Paris has created this humorous new spot for Playboy Fragrances, which illustrates the various potential outcomes of a handsome man and a pretty gal getting ‘trapped’ in a lift. Creative director: Alexandre Hervé. Creatives: Paul Kreitmann, Alexis Benoit. Directors: Perlorian Brothers. Production company: Les Télécréateurs.

These two spots for AXA Insurance from Publicis Conseil clearly demonstrate why it is best to get your insurance in order before you need it. CCO: Olivier Altmann. Creative director: Fréderic Royer. Creatives: Thibault Froment, Charles Guillemant. Director: Bart Timmer.

Owen Harris directed this quirky spot for Swedish cider brand Kopparberg. Agency: RKCR/Y&R. Production company: Outsider.

This new VW Polo spot from DDB London focuses on a protective dad’s love for his daughter. ECD: Jeremy Craigen. Creatives: Tom Chancellor, Luke Flynn. Director: Thirtytwo. Production company: Pulse.

More dad stuff now: this ad for Hovis focuses on the relationship between a gruff farmer and his young son as they work together in the fields. Agency: Dare. Director: Seb Edwards. Production company: Academy Films.

Footlocker staff show off their fancy footwork skills in this new spot from AMV BBDO. Creatives: Charlotte Adorjan, Michael Jones. Director: Scott Lyon. Production company: Outsider.

Projector in Japan, which created the Uniqlock, has released another clock-based piece of utility for Uniqlo, this time in the form of an alarm clock app, which combines online weather reports with original alarm music (created by Cornelius and Yoko Kanno) to help wake you up. You can find out more about the app at Charming as it is, we wonder whether it will go the way of all alarm clocks and end up being thrown across the room, but perhaps our readers are more cheerful in the morning than we are here…

Back to the quirky now, this time for Ikea. The ad, which was created by JWT Warsaw, features Sven the Swedish Chef, who uses Ikea products and people to cook up the perfect setting for a family Sunday lunch. Director: Tomas Mankovsky.

Even odder is this spot for Ambrosia Rice, from Dare, which features a set of talking picnic snacks. ECD: Danny Brooke-Taylor. Creatives: Danny Hunt, Gavin Torrance. Directors: Perlorian Brothers. Production company: Blink.

Director Marc Reisbig is behind this charming animation, which is advertising the expansion of Oslo Airport (Reisbig’s lovely stop frame manages to make the potentially boring subject most watchable). Creatives: Victoria Evensen, Hanne Martinsen. Production company: Four and a Half, Norway/Passion Pictures, London.

We finish this week’s epic round-up with a sweet film from DDB Brasil for trends magazine Follow, which compares different fads, stating what’s hot and what’s not. Creative directors: Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato. Creatives: Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes. Directors: Jarbas Agnelli, Doug Bello.

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