Nice work for LG, HBO, La Senza, Toyota and more

A bumper round-up of nice work this week, starting with this unusual new ad for the LG Kompressor Elite vacumn cleaner, which turns an average living room into the setting for a shark horror movie. Watch out Barbie, watch out!

A bumper round-up of new work for you this week, starting with this unusual ad for the LG Kompressor Elite vacumn cleaner, which turns an average living room into the setting for a shark horror movie. Watch out Barbie, watch out! The ad was created by Young & Rubicam NY, and directed by Psyop. Full credits can be found here.


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has created this amusing ad for Logitech Revue, which stars Kevin Bacon playing his own number one fan. Creatives: Croix Gagnon, Nathaniel Lawlor. Director: Ringan Ledwidge. Production company: Smuggler.


Yannick Puig, who won the Aniboom competition in this year’s Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase in Cannes with his film I Lived On The Moon, has directed this charming spot for the Toyota Corolla. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles.


Interactive robotic arms seem all the rage in advertising at the moment. First there was the Xbox Halo: Reach campaign, which allowed Facebook users to contribute to a virtual monument created via a robot, and now there are two more robot-based projects. The first, a film of which is shown above, is for Vodafone and invites Facebook users to smash a giant piñata using a robotic arm. The agency behind the campaign is The Jamboree in Sydney, and the Facebook app can be found at


And then there’s this project for Talay Riley, an artist with Sony Music, which encourages fans of Riley to send him messages via Twitter (to @talayrobot). The Tweets are then written out by a giant robotic arm, filmed and then returned to the sender, accompanied by the soundtrack of Riley’s forthcoming single, Sergeant Smash. The film above shows the robot in action. Agency: FOAM/Sony Music Creative. Creative directors: Phil Clandillon, Steve Milbourne.


BBDO New York has created a series of ads to promote the DVD box sets of shows including True Blood, Entourage and Eastbound & Down. The campaign features home-made recreations of scenes from the television series (the True Blood ad is shown above), proving that it’s best to leave it to the professionals. For those who want to join in though, there is a website where visitors can make their own versions of selected scenes. Creatives: Chris Beresford-Hill, James Clunie. Director: Tim Godsall. Production company: Biscuit Filmworks.


A couple of phone apps for you now. First up is one for the Nokia N8 smartphone from Wieden + Kennedy in London. Titled Loop, the app allows users to record up to four sounds that can then be remixed to create music. The delightful film above, shot by Kim Gehrig through Academy Films, shows the app in action. Loop, which was developed by Hossein Ghaffari at Symsource, can be downloaded for free from the Nokia Ovi store. It is also compatible with the C7 phone device.


Converse has created an app for the iPhone that allows you to virtually try on any shoe in its collection by pointing the phone at your feet. Using AR, the shoe will be superimposed over your foot, giving a sense of whether it will suit. Created by R/GA in New York and Tacit Knowledge, the app can be downloaded via the iTunes store.


We end this week with an Xmassy interactive online experience from La Senza. Titled the Cup Size Choir, the website allows visitors to ‘play’ various women who sing different notes depending on their bra size. While not one for the feminists, the website has perhaps unsurprisingly already been an enormous success, with the film for it, shown above, already garnering well over a million hits. Agency: Karmarama.

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