Nice work for Lurpak, Old Spice, BA and more

Mmm, sweetcorn and butter… Hello all, and welcome to our first nice work round-up of 2012. First on our list is this tasty new spot for Lurpak that invites you to cook up a rainbow of food…

Mmm, sweetcorn and butter… Hello all, and welcome to our first nice work round-up of 2012. First on our list is this tasty new spot for Lurpak that invites you to cook up a rainbow of food…

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy London, promotes the new Lurpak Lightest spread, and aims to suggest that healthy needn’t be humdrum. It also features a catchy little song, written by Michael Russoff (who also wrote the Honda Grrr song a few years back, fact fans). Creatives: Dan Norris, Ray Shaughnessy. Director: Dougal Wilson. Production company: Blink.

Old Spice has a new campaign out, once more featuring a scantily clad Terry Crews as the Old Spice odour blocker expert, who claims that the smell of the brand’s Red Zone body spray will blow your mind, literally. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland. Creative directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley. Creatives: Andy Laugenour, Nathaniel Lawlor, Croix Gagnon. Director: Tim Heidecker/Eric Wareheim. Production company: Absolutely Productions.

BBH in London has created this new print campaign for BA to promote its ‘Goodbye Winter’ sale. The ads feature giant ice sculptures, and the campaign will also contain an experiential element, with a six foot-high sculpture of an ice-cream installed at the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre in London from tomorrow (Jan 14). Visitors will be asked to guess when the sculpture will melt to win a holiday for four people. Predictions can be made online via the airline’s Facebook page.

Fred & Farid in Paris has created this glamorous spot for Weight Watchers’ French market. Directed by Rankin, it features a rather different approach to the English WW ad (found here), though we’re not entirely convinced the model starring in it really needs to lose any weight… Creative directors: Fred & Farid. Creatives: Fred & Farid, Feng Huang, Pierre Jouffray. Director: Rankin.

Cravendale has created a tie-in with the new Muppets film in the form of a set of stickers featuring your favourite characters from the show that can be fixed to empty millk bottles. Order your stickers online at Agency: Outside Line.

We finish with an unusual method of installing a billboard. Created to promote the new film Mission Impossible: Ghost Proctocol, the project saw artist Jim Vision abseil 14 metres on a rope to hand-paint the image, while traffic passed below: the film above shows him in action. Agency: End of the Line. Filmmaker/photographer: Toby Summerskill.



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