Nice work for Martini, Adidas, Nokia and more

Some great ads have been sent into CR Towers this week – here’s our pick. First up, a Sliding Doors-esque commercial for Martini, from Fred & Farid Paris…

Some great ads have been sent into CR Towers this week – here’s our pick. First up, a Sliding Doors-esque ad for Martini, from Fred & Farid Paris…

The spot, directed by Peter Thwaites, proclaims that ‘luck is an attitude’ and uses a split screen to show two versions of the same night, demonstrating how a little bit of daring goes a long way. Yuri Buzzi, the star of the ad, was chosen via a talent search on Facebook. Creatives: Fred & Farid. Production company: Gorgeous.

This new spot for Adidas follows around Pauli ‘The PSM’, the drummer for Gorillaz, as he plays and hangs out in Brazil. Director: Rohan Blair-Mangat. Production company: Stink.

Fallon in London has created a series of bizarre but entertaining ads for Nokia, which advertise the phone brand’s ‘dual sim’ phones in the Philippines, India and Nigeria. The ads play on the idea of swapping: two are shown above.

This spot for Nando’s shows it’s never fun to eat alone, even if you’re a dictator. Agency: Black River FC, Johannesburg. ECD: Ahmed Tilly. Creative director: Suhana Gordhan. Creatives: Monde Siphamia, Nhlanhla Ngcobo. Director: Dean Blumberg. Production company: Bouffant.

These charmingly shot films form part of the Philips Wake Up Light campaign, which shows that there is a way to stop being grumpy in the morning. Agency: Tribal DDB, Amsterdam. Creative director: Paul Fraser. Production company: Revolver Media, Rotterdam. Director: Stian Smestad.

More booze ads now. First up some Surrealist-influenced posters for Drambuie, from ad agency Sell Sell! The images were shot by photographer John Ross, who worked with large format film to create them, rather than digital.

Next, two from a series of posters by BETC London, which play on the delicate pronunciation of Cockburn’s port. Creatives: Neil Dawson, Clive Pickering, Jonathan Plackett. Photographer: Paul King. Production: Love Europe.

We finish with another quirky piece of brand product design from Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi in Buenos Aires. Following last week’s music-playing microwave, this week the agency has released the Photoblocker for Norte Beer, a beer cooler that chills beer but also has camera-detecting technology. This releases a powerful flash if anyone tries to take a photo of your group, ruining the snaps and helping you to avoid embarrassing photos appearing on Facebook. The film above explains it all. You may now all go forth into the weekend without fear.



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