Nice work for Yeasayer, Clinic, Cadbury’s, Nike and more

We may be languishing in the dog days of summer, but we’ve still had some great work sent into CR Towers of late – here’s a round-up of our favourites…

We may be languishing in the dog days of summer, but we’ve still had some great work sent into CR Towers of late – here’s a round-up of our favourites. First up is this bizarre music video for Yeasayer track Madder Red, from director Andreas Nilsson, which tells a tale of love between a young girl and her one-eyed pet creature…


Sticking with music videos, here is Monsterism artist Pete Fowler‘s promo for I’m Aware by Clinic.


This promo, directed by L’Oeuf Sacré (who, according to PromoNews, are two ad creatives, Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye, moonlighting from VCCP), shows the perils of sunbathing in all too graphic detail. The band is Band of Skulls and the track is Fires (You Are Here).


Over to advertising now, and a new Cadbury’s ad from Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg. The spot takes Fallon’s Cadbury’s Gorilla ad as its cue, but this time it is an ambitious ostrich that is centre stage.


Meanwhile, UK audiences can currently see this ad for Cadbury’s on their TV screens. The spot is directed by Nick Gordon, and introduces the Cadbury’s Spots vs Stripes competition.


Ponce Buenos Aires is behind this set of ads for Axe deoderant which amusingly highlight the perils of nervous sweating for men (and how Axe can save them, natch). The ads are directed by Nico y Martin.


Also from Argentina is this witty spot for Gatorade, part of a campaign which emphasises the gap between the nicknames given to local football team players and the reality of their skills. The agency is BBDO Argentina, and the ad was directed by Luciano Podcaminsky.


Wieden + Kennedy London has created this new spot for Nike and Foot Locker, for the launch of the new Air Max 90 shoe. The directors are AlexandLiane.


Dentsu Canada and interactive production company Lollipop have created this online treasure hunt for Sapporo Beer. Visit to take part in the competition, where you hunt for hidden scrolls to be entered in a competition to win a trip to Japan.


Finally, we end with the first campaign in a series for General Electric from the Barbarian Group in New York. Titled The GE Show, the campaign consists of a series of episodes that look at the way that General Electric helps with various crucial areas of life. The first instalment in Healthy Hospitals, which includes short documentaries giving info about the problems faced by hospital emergency departments in the US. On the more fun side, there is also a rather addictive game (still shown above) which challenges players to manage patients and staff in a hospital. All you need to while away a quiet Friday afternoon… find the game (and the rest of the campaign) at

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