Nike playfully puts winter jackets to the test

Nike China’s new campaign film, directed by Henry Scholfield, shows just how cosy its jackets are via some obscure methods

Developed by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, Nike China’s new campaign film, More Than Warmth, shows lab researchers testing Nike’s winter collection of jackets to check how effective they are in cold weather.

It turns out they’re so good at keeping in warmth – as well as being waterproof, breathable, and lightweight – that hibernating plants become towering blooms and corn erupts into popcorn. The jackets are also put through their paces by showing how they hold up when being pummelled by snowballs or used as hot air balloons.

“Each test, and the base concept of the experimental designs was conceived around the principles of ‘what if’ and ‘why nots’,” explains director Henry Scholfield, whose penchant for fantastical visuals and technical craft is on display here.

The ad presents some creative worldbuilding and puts a playful spin on typically dry product demos.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai
CCOs: Ian Toombs, Vivian Yong
Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros
Creative Director: Zhong How
ACD: Ruby Li
Senior Art Director: Alex Litovka
Creatives: Edmund Chang, Pat Cholavit
Production Company: Hamlet China
Director: Henry Scholfield
DoP: Pat Aldinger
CG: Wicked Pixels