Nike + GPS – R/GA – 6.012

The Nike+ platform was expanded upon by agency R/GA with the launch of the Nike+ GPS app which enables runners to track and log their progress and broadcast the data via Facebook. As useful as this sounds, there were some additional elements to the new app that made the whole experience more personal.

On opening the app, users choose ‘indoors’ or ‘outdoors’, the latter enabling the GPS function to track the runner’s progress. With the Get Cheers feature, the runner’s Facebook status is automatically updated, letting friends know that they have started out on a run. As the run progresses, friends who ‘like’, or comment on the status update, earn the runner ‘applause’ which is played out over their headphones.

To complement this motivational aspect to the app, a range of guest stars such as Lance Armstrong and Tracy Morgan also offered words of support and encouragement. And by way of turning the dial up to 11 on one’s efforts, songs (Eye of the Tiger, perhaps) can also be cued up to begin whenever a boost of energy is required.

The app also uploads details of each run to Nike+, where all the data on distance covered, pace and route is stored for potential review (a coloured map monitors the runner’s pace over the course of the route) and even sharing with some of the system’s four million other runners.

With Nike+ GPS, one essential difference to the original Nike+ programme is that the runner now has control over their ‘in-run’ experience, rather than simply accessing ‘post-run’ information. It also widens the range of participants as a pair of Nike trainers complete with Nike+ sensor are no longer required – rather, just an iPhone or iPod Touch complete with the new app.


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