Nike London: Like a Lioness typography

Category: Typography; Entrant: Wieden+Kennedy

Nike’s challenge was to get teenage girls in England to engage in, and be inspired by, football during the 2023 World Cup. Prior to the tournament, research showed that 63% of these girls couldn’t name a single Lioness, and they were rapidly dropping out of sport.

“We looked to create a movement – and as part of that an iconic logo – for the nation to rally behind,” says Wieden+Kennedy. “Something that embodied the spirit of the Lionesses and their unrelenting, unreasonable ambition. We looked to capture the Lioness spirit – showing teenage girls what it means to be a Lioness and letting them see that spirit in themselves. We called the movement ‘Like a Lioness’ and designed our logo to reflect their values.

“Knowing we had to go beyond football, we looked to culture for typographic inspiration. We created a bespoke piece of typography that references classic black letters and calligraphy, but infused with a modern youth culture edge. The distinct mark allowed it to be used simply on merch and comms, rendered in glass to reflect the tone of the film, or a 3D red and black version that gives it an attitude not normally seen in women’s football.

“Our ‘Like a Lioness’ logo became a rallying cry and a symbol of support during the World Cup. Before we knew it, it had spread to places we’d never imagined: on limited edition Nike merch, on FA comms and kit for the Lionesses, repped by football legends, artists, influencers, TikTok dancers and, most importantly, by girls across the nation.”

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
Design Director: Justin Hallstrom
Lead Designer: Ananya Mohan
Designer: Josh Knight
Motion Graphics: Mark Gilligan
Creative Director: Joe Bruce
Creative: Jil Leister
Senior Creative: Gavin Cumine
Creatives: Chaeyeong Seo, Miriam Pick
Strategy Director: Sidney Henne
Strategist: Hannah Vatandoust
Producer: Mich Brad„eld
Production Assistant: Lwimbo Malanda
Account Director: Sam Hunton
Account Manager: Olli Rosicourt
Account Executive: Alex Denny