Ninja Tune: Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy album artwork

Category: Print; Entrant: Hingston Studio

Heavy Heavy is the fourth album from Young Fathers. It summons the feeling of an elevated state, unbridled energy and the desire for physical release – the feeling of being untethered and liberated.

The beating heart of the album artwork is a distinctive character whose features are mostly obscured except for the mouth. His appearance is influenced by the Nkisi figure found in several west and central African cultures, which is broadly said to have powerful spiritual capabilities that many believe can banish evil and usher in good fortunes for the community.

Traditionally made out of wood and metal, the figure “looks brutal at first glance because it’s covered in nails, however when you reach deeper, past surface level, those nails represent the collected wishes of the village. So, in this sense, it forms a symbol of hope and community,” explains Hingston.

The release comprised three album formats: the standard (image-based) release and two deluxe editions.

Art Direction & Design: Hingston Studio
Photography: Jordan Hemingway
Styling/Costume: Nick Royal
Makeup/Prosthetics: Jimmy Owen Jones
Post-Production: Purple Martin
Shoot Production: 360PM