No Fly Posters

Illustrators including Anthony Burrill, James Joyce and Pascal Anson have designed ‘No Fly Poster’ posters as part of a personal project curated by designer Jon Bland.

Creatives including Anthony Burrill, James Joyce and Pascal Anson have designed ‘No Fly Poster’ posters as part of a personal project curated by designer Jon Bland.

Since January 2013, Bland – a designer at Manchester agency Music – has released seven quad size posters designed by seven different creatives each month, all featuring the phrase ‘No Fly Posters’. The finished designs are displayed on boarded-up windows on a disused former pub in Ancoats, an industrial suburb near Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Bland came up with the idea while on the way to work in 2012. “I walked past [the building] everyday as it was very close to Music’s old studio space on Silk Street. One lunch time, I noticed some posters stating No Fly Posters and it amused me. The idea of replacing them with new posters quickly escalated in my head and I immediately asked six of my friends to contribute to make a new set of seven, including one from me. I thought it would be great to do a series of seven rounds because there were seven posters originally” he explains.

While Bland has selected the majority of contributing artists, he says he is “always open to submissions.”

“I get sent a lot of posters, and I love checking my inbox everyday and seeing what people have come up with – I’m still regularly surprised by new ideas,” he says.

As well as friends and family, he has curated work from artists around Europe – Barcelona studio Hey; Amsterdam’s KesselsKramer and Danish designer Erik Brandt have all submitted posters, as have UK studios Spin, A Practice for Everyday Life and Catalogue.

Joyce, Burrill and Anson’s designs for the project’s fifth round are displayed alongside work from Atlas, Bosnian designer Zoran Lucic and a joint contribution from Bland, SAVWO, local studio Dr Me and designer Steve Hockett).

“I like to keep it varied in terms of style and contributors – I’ve included my friends, heroes and people i’ve never heard of before. Even my dad (who is not a designer) is contributing in the next round!”

The next set of posters will be released in early August, and Bland plans to launch a No Fly Posters book and exhibition at the end of this year. For more info and to view the full set of prints, visit

Images (from top): Posters by James Joyce, Anthony Burrill, Pascal Anson, KesselsKramer and Hey Studio.

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