No More Foundation: Listening From Home campaign

Category: Integrated; Entered by: MRM UK

When the UK entered its first lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, it meant that suddenly millions of women were now trapped with their violent abusers, 24 hours a day. Data shows that four out of five victims don’t report domestic abuse, and on average it’s three years before they get help. 

Concerned that women were more at risk than ever, the No More Foundation launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #listeningfromhome to encourage people who were now working from home to also listen out for their neighbours and, if they heard sounds of -violence, to report it. Alongside social, the campaign also ran in outdoor and film.

Client: No More Foundation
Global Executive Director: Pamela Zaballa
Development Manager: Alex Murphy
Chairwoman/CCO: Nicky Bullard
Agency: MRM London
Creative Director: James Thorley
Deputy Creative Director: Jon Wells
Account Director: Sarah Tille
Designer: Agatha O’Neill
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Calum Macdiarmid
Producer: Tim Francis
Executive Producers: Adam Collins, Laura Gregory
Editor: Nick Saunders
Grade: Stef Colosi, Okay Studios
Sound: Dugal Macdiarmid, Wave
Camera/Lighting: Pixi Pixel