Enter the weird world of Nobody Sausage

We talk to the team behind the character – who has amassed over 30 million followers on social media – to understand their appeal and their relationship with brands

“The idea behind Nobody Sausage was to create something easy so I could learn more about character animation, seeing that my line of work had mainly been motion graphics,” says creator Kael Cabral. Since launching the character into the ether, they have amassed over 30 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter – an impressive feat for a sausage who “just wants to make people laugh”.

Before Nobody Sausage became a reality in 2020, Cabral had already been a motion graphic designer for over 15 years, working at various agencies with big name clients such as HBO, Nike, Google, Nickelodeon, and Apple. But he had a desire to flex his creative muscles in a new way.

The evolution of Nobody Sausage