How to do what you are not allowed to do in advertising, by Dave Trott

“Don’t show me a draw full of great roughs. If it don’t run, it ain’t advertising.” Adland stalwart and longtime proponent of “creative mischief” Dave Trott gave a straight-talking, no BS introduction to advertising at the D&AD Festival

He’s on stage at this year’s D&AD Festival, a burst of searing wit and pub humour in a sea of “disruption” and “content”. This is a man who brought in the likes of Chas and Dave and Ian Dury to ad campaigns, after all, somehow managing to sell aspirational at the same time as condoning a good old knees up. His talk, naturally, takes the title How to Do What You Are Not Allowed to Do, and as ever, he answers that brief to the letter.


Milton Keynes