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For this year’s Red Nose Day, CR auctioned off a variety of objects and opportunities to benefit Comic Relief, including the chance to have your portrait drawn by Paul Davis. Jonathan Sant paid £310 for the privilege…

For this year’s Red Nose Day, CR auctioned off a variety of objects and opportunities to benefit Comic Relief, including the chance to have your portrait drawn by Paul Davis. Jonathan Sant paid £310 for the privilege…

Thanks, he says, to some lunchtime over-indulgence, Jonathan Sant ended up shelling out for several items in our CR for CR series of auctions to benefit Comic Relief. One of his successful bids was on the chance to have his portrait drawn by illustrator Paul Davis. In the end, Davis did not one drawing but 15, all presented in a customised box. We asked both Davis and Sant to tell us what happened when they met. First, here’s what Jonathan Sant had to say about the experience:

CR: Why did you bid for this in the first place? What were you expecting?

JS: Couple of reasons. First of all I went to a D&AD workshop where Paul was taking about his work, then a week or so later CR announced the Comic Relief auctions on Twitter. I really like Paul’s style and as it was for charity I thought I’d bid. Having just got back from a few Friday lunch-time beers my competitiveness was dialled up a few extra notches. Having a portrait is completely against what I would normally do, I didn’t know what to expect, but that was half the reason why I did it.

CR: How long did you spend with him? What did you talk about?

JS: We shared a beer over lunch. I was having a particularly bad day at work so spoke about hating my job. After that was out of my system I talked about visiting France at the weekend to organise a wedding. Then lots of stuff in general as you do in a pub. I was half expecting it to be a bit awkward, but it was quite the opposite.

CR: Who chose the final drawings?

JS: Paul. To be honest I expected just one drawing, but finished up with fifteen! Still deciding which ones I’m going to frame up.

CR: What do you feel about the experience? Was it enjoyable? Weird? Did it meet your expectations?

JS: On my way to the meet Paul it felt pretty bizarre, like I was going on a blind date or something. But I actually had a really good laugh, which wasn’t expected at all. I’m really chuffed with my drawings, they are totally off the wall. Great to meet Paul too – brilliant character!

And here’s what Mr Davis had to say about it all:

CR: When you originally agreed to do this, you warned people that they might not get an exact likeness, can you explain a little about your approach to this project?

PD: a) It’s very difficult to get a likeness of one of the most complicated natural forms and b) I’m not really interested in that approach even though a couple are unmistakably Jonathan I wanted to sit down and have a chat and see what he was about.

CR: How long did you spend with Jonathan?

PD: Maybe an hour.

CR: What did you talk about?

PD: This sounds like a blind date questionnaire. We touched on everything and rested on nothing apart from maybe the somewhat un-creative creative industries and relationships. We got on immediately well.

CR: How many drawings did you end up with – what was your editing process, why choose just those?

PD: The 15 I gave to Jonathan were the best there were for all sorts of self-satisfied reasons. Plus the set are called Not Jonathan Sant X15.

CR: Are they the drawings you made contemporaneously or did you sketch and then work up finished drawings later?

PD: I did both.

CR: How many biscuits were involved in the process and what type?

PD: No biscuits. Two pints, a banquette and a blaring TV in The Anchor, City Road.

CR: Anything else you’d like to say about the experience?

PD: Jonathan’s a good man – generous to win the auction and that’s why I did a good few drawings for him. We didn’t go on anywhere else. 9 out 10, and I hope to meet up again but just as friends.

Thanks again to both Paul for giving his time and Jonathan for giving his money to a worthy cause.


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