O2 Lights the Way

A trip to the O2 Arena is very much a brand experience – thanks in part to wayfinding signage developed by HOK Sport Architecture, the firm responsible for designing the arena itself


Simon Borg heads up the graphics team at HOK. One of the most challenging aspects of the design process, he says, “was the integration of the naming rights sponsor O2’s brand identity. This was not just a case of applying already documented brand guidelines but developing and extending their identity into a new form.”

The wayfinding signage through-out the arena glows blue, true to O2’s identity, the main signs taking the form of freestanding beacon-like structures on the main concourses on levels one and four.

To help concert-goers find the right entrance off the concourse for their seats, large numbers appear on every entrance to the arena itself, above head height, making way-finding as straightforward as possible. Even the signage for the various food stalls within the arena was designed by Borg and his team, ensuring a consistent tone of voice throughout. In the venue’s most exclusive bar, the O2 Lounge, air bubbles gently rise through the blue water tanks which form the backdrop to an underlit, glowing, Corian bar. A feature that is of course, bang on-brand.


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