Obey George Orwell

Penguin Books has commissioned Shepard Fairey of Obey to create two new book covers – for two George Orwell classics: Animal Farm and 1984.

Animal Farm book cover by Shepard Fairey

Penguin Books has commissioned Shepard Fairey of Obey to create two new book covers – for two George Orwell classics: Animal Farm and 1984.

The re-issues will be available from 3 July.

1984 book cover by Shepard Fairey

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Designing Dante

Cover of Dante’s Inferno by Nicole Peterson
Nicole Peterson, a recent graphic design graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, designed these book covers for Dante’s Divine Comedy. “I wanted to create a set of covers that didn’t use images from the [Hieronymus] Bosch Hell painting, or any images of Dante and Virgil that are normally found on covers for the Divine Comedy,” writes Peterson on her Flickr page. “I was inspired by Dante’s use of mathematics and architecture in describing Hell, Heaven and Purgatory [and] employed simple geometric shapes and color to represent these places, while still keeping the design simple and allowing the reader to use their imagination when reading these vivid poems.” Click through to see how the design was carried through to Purgatory and Paradise…

Corbis Readymech cameras

Peyote pinhole camera
For those of you who are fans of both old-fashioned camera techniques and origami, Corbis have created a website that might have just the thing for you.
The website has a number of camera designs that can be downloaded as pdfs and then printed off, with full instructions how to turn them into the workable pinhole cameras. Here is a selection of the designs, which were created by Fwis design studio especially for Corbis – we think they’re rather nice. Visit corbis.com/readycam to join in the fun.

Blek le Rat: The New Banksy?

Ha – only joking. While Banksy is a relative newcomer to the graffiti scene, Blek le Rat has been stencilling, pasting and daubing his way around the world for nearly thirty years. But the perception of Banksy as the pioneer of street art is certainly the one favoured by the media and the art world. As a result, Banksy’s artistic reputation – no doubt helped by his anonymity – has been elevated to near mythical status. While Blek’s reputation, at least beyond the world of street art, is far less well known, a new book of his work looks certain to bring his art to a wider audience and throw up a few more questions on just how influential he’s been.

Designed to Help

Ever noticed that the packaging of headache remedies isn’t exactly easy on the eye? Ironic, really, that when you want something soothing to ail your pounding skull, the products available sit on the chemist’s shelf and SHOUT their MESSAGES OF URGENT HELP in bold, bright colours, seemingly without a care for your poor tired eyes and head. Now this (above), from Help Remedies, is a nice idea that turns down the volume on medicine packaging. Their packets of pills and plasters not only look great but are also made of 100% recycled paper pulp. And at $6 for 12 headache pills (or 8 plasters), that’s not much more than most of the more well-known brands, so these are no vanity purchase. Plus you’ll get to look just that little bit cooler when you’re ill.

Graphic Designer

Fushi Wellbeing

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Monddi Design Agency