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Books of the week

In our first round up of some of the best newly published books we focus on the work of illustrators. Or, more accurately – as you’ll see from our selection – illustrators and cartoonists who veer ever so slightly from the conventional path. (Characters from Lost Heroes by Ian Stevenson).

The (Graphic) Power of the Press

It is impossible to tell the story of late twentieth century Britain without reference to The Sun. For right or wrong, the tabloid newspaper is central to the narrative of a country that, in the 1980s particularly, was more divided than at any time before or since. On its pages – and most especially on its front pages – The Sun embodied the dominant political and social spirit of the times. Seldom can graphic design have been used to such dramatic effect.

A Scanner Darkly

This month our panel discuss Richard Linklater’s innovative adaptation of the Philip K Dick novel, A Scanner Darkly

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