Oh Yes: Roger Dean designs stamps for Isle of Man Post Office

Islands and Bridges is a set of six stamps featuring Dean’s album covers for the likes of Yes and Uriah Heep plus original work in his trademark style

For anyone with a love of prog rock, the art of Roger Dean will need no introduction. His fantastic landscapes have graced the covers of classic albums such as Tales From Topographic Oceans and Close to the Edge. Many a loon-panted student will have spent hours staring at their spectacular forms as Yes noodle their way through another 20-minute composition.

Interest in his work, though, has recently undergone something of a revival with a new generation of illustrators and music fans enjoying his craftsmanship and imagination.

Now the Isle of Man is celebrating Dean’s work with a collection of six stamps. The 45p stamp – Meeting Place – features a new work inspired by the Isle of Man landscape. Others feature Dean’s album artwork for Yes and Uriah Heep. The £1.69 stamp, for example, uses the artwork for Yes’s Tales from Topographic Oceans while Uriah Heep’s Sea of Light cover features on the £2.08 stamp.

The collection is “a celebration of an artist who has inspired and continues to inspire generations of young men and women to become professional designers and artists,” says the Isle of Man Post Office. An exhibition of Dean’s work will also run at the Manx Museum in Douglas.

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