Old Spice launches never-ending deodorant ad

Old Spice’s latest campaign is an endless stream of ads within ads – and features a cameo from brand ambassador Terry Crews

Old Spice has brought us an embarrassment of weird and wonderful campaigns over the years, from Momsong to The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and Responses, which saw the brand create YouTube videos in response to tweets. But its latest ad, promoting its Durascent deodorant, is the first without an end.

Inspired by the somewhat dubious promise that Durascent will make you ‘Smell Good Forever’, Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo worked with director Fernando Nogari to create a series of films that play out on an infinite loop at ocomercialinfinito.com.br. A two-minute version was created for TV, along with teasers for social media.

It’s a fun campaign: there’s something oddly compelling about watching a film within a film within a film and knowing you can log in at any time to view an endless stream of mini commercials. The content isn’t quite as entertaining as Old Spice’s smash hit ads starring Isaiah Mustafa and singing moms – but it’s another offbeat and unexpected concept from the brand.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo
ECDs: Eduardo Lima and Renato Simões
Creative Directors: Bruno Oppido, Caio Mattoso and Rodrigo Mendes
Production Company: CONSPIRAÇÃO
Director: Fernando Nogari
VFX: Conspiração/Warriors
Sound: LOUD