Old Spice’s classic ads get a TikTok reboot

TikTok Creative Lab worked with UK-based social media stars including Munya Chawawa and Niall Gray to give The Man Your Man Could Smell Like a makeover fit for 2021


Meet the new man your man could smell like #OldSpiceCaptain #TikTokReMake @oldspiceuk AD

♬ original sound – Munya Chawawa

It’s been a decade since Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy first captured people’s attention with The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – otherwise known as one of the most talked about ads of all time.

Featuring the legendary ‘man your man could smell like’, played by model/actor Isaiah Mustafa, the campaign went on to win no less than 37 Cannes Lions awards for creativity, and cemented Old Spice’s place in popular culture.

The latest iteration of the campaign sees the brand switch its focus from TV to TikTok with a series of cleverly crafted videos, which were developed in collaboration with the social media platform’s in-house creative team, Creative Lab.


Meet the new man your man could smell like #OldSpiceCaptain #TikTokReMake @oldspiceuk #ad

♬ original sound – Niall Gray

Cult TikTok creators including CR favourite Munya Chawawa and Capital FM’s Niall Gray were tasked with adding a unique spin to the Old Spice ethos for a UK audience.

The videos creatively incorporate local references, culture and a distinctly British sense of humour, as well as bringing the Old Spice brand bang up to date for the social media generation.

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