OCOG/CNOSF: Olympic & Paralympic Team France identity

Category: Brand Identity, Rebrand; Entrant: W Conran Design

Photos of Team France athletes with a frame graphic laid over the right hand side of their faces in red, white and blue

The ambition for this branding was to unite the French Olympic and Paralympic athletes for the Paris 2024 Games. After having designed a common banner for the Tokyo Games, a new brand identity was required to unite the two teams behind a single emblem and winning spirit.

“We set out to reinvent the visual representation of the rooster, a common symbol in the French sporting world, from a graceful chic brand to a rebellious, powerful one, ” says W Conran Design.

Black and white photo of a person with arrows pointing from the centre of the image to the outer edges in the shape of a compass

“‘Facing Victory’ is the motto of this new united team. The logo has undergone a revolution, showing the French rooster symbol facing forward, head down, denoting the bold spirit of the brand. At its heart, it splits into two, becoming a mask for athletes and fan profiles alike, testifying their shared passion.

Powerful, rugged – these are just a few adjectives to describe the semantic, typographic and iconographic choices made for the brand, all of which support the rage that inhabits its athletes.”

Type specimens for Team France that read 'Beijing', '2022' and 'La victoire en face' in thick black block letters

Brand Identity Director: Camille Yvinec
Senior Project Manager: Martin Feugère
In-House Design Director: Joachim Roncin
Project Team: Emma Gendron, Paul Cometto
Creative Team: Axel Leclerc, Romain Fernandez, Léa Jacob
Executive Brand Director: Thierry Reboul
Global Brand Director: Julie Matikhine
Agency: W Conran Design
ECD: Jean-Jacques Charrais
Founding Creative Director: Gilles Deléris
Designers: Celyne Parizel, Florence Vitu
Strategic Planning Director: Anaïs Guillemané-Mootoosamy
Vice President: Martin Piot
Senior Project Manager: Chloé Thomas