OMGYES illustrations

Category: Illustration; Entrant: Buck

OMGYES wants to break taboos and create an open and honest conversation around female pleasure. Creative agency Buck was tasked with creating an illustration system and an easy-to-use guide that would help people explore pleasure without shame, while educating them on how to go about it.

It was important to avoid conforming to body ‘norms’ and to instead create diverse, relatable illustrations that show variety when it comes to body size, genitalia shape, and skin tone. The colour combinations, strokes, and shading were chosen to feel natural, while the animations were designed to show variations in movement, intensity, and pace. By celebrating all kinds of experiences and bodies, the aim was for everybody to see themselves reflected. The illustrations portray OMGYES as a credible source of information while at the same time feeling authentic and sensual rather than clinical.

Category: Illustration
Entrant: Buck
Creative Company: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Vincent Lammers
Executive Producer: Chance Woodward
Associate Creative Directors: Daniel Rodrigues, Jen Zheng
Producer: Carolina Brandão
Production Coordinator: Bénédicte Gold-Dalg
Art Director: Bee Grandinetti
Animation Director: Daniel Rodrigues
Design: Aisha Madu, Fabrizio Lenci, Jen Zheng, Léa Zhang, Mijke Coebergh, Yana Abramova, Yujia Wangart
2D Animation: Alexandra Lund, Florent Tailhades, Otilija Morozaitė