Omlet brand identity

Category: Brand Identity, Rebrand; Entrant: Ragged Edge

A stack of cardboard boxes labelled 'Omlet'

From easy-clean, super-safe chicken coops to dog beds that last forever, D2C pet product company Omlet engineers thoughtful products that aim to alleviate the hard parts of animal ownership and bring us closer to our pets.

Fresh from a successful funding round, Omlet needed a brand which brought that thinking to the fore, to support its international growth and give its brand ambassadors something to get behind.

A photo of a chicken wearing a hi-ves, next to the line 'What if chickens could glow in the dark?'

To articulate the closeness Omlet creates, Ragged Edge imagined a world of wonder for all pets and pet owners. It evokes a sense of whimsy coupled with engineering excellence, brought to life over digital, packaging and comms.

The 3D illustration style, inspired by product design prototypes, embraces the humour and imperfection of interacting with our pets, and the typeface echoes the unusual shapes of Omlet’s products. The colour palette is drawn from pets’ territories, both in and outside the house, while the tone of voice, grounded in thoughts that inspired real products, aims to bring audiences into Omlet’s ingenious thinking.

A brochure labelled 'Geo' next to an illustration of a bird, resting on a cardboard box

Branding Agency: Ragged Edge
Photography: Omlet in-house team
Illustration: Holly Szczypka