On Road’s innovative approach to research

On Road is ditching clichéd, millennial market research spiel for an open and honest dialogue with young consumers. We talk to the studio’s founders about working on Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner ad, and why research should never feel transactional

Walk into On Road’s office in Shoreditch any day of the week and you’ll be met with what seems like half the teenage population of London. The space is one of the city’s best kept secrets among its younger residents; functioning as a workspace for the studio’s staff but also as a youth centre for kids who are looking to book meeting rooms, do their homework, or even just want a safe space to hang out with their mates.

It’s a far cry from your average market research agency, but then On Road doesn’t really function like a typical agency. Launched in 2017, it has already worked on a number of projects for Nike – including its hugely successful Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign last year – alongside other youth culture-focused brands such as Boiler Room, and agencies including Mother and Grey.


Milton Keynes