onedotzero: Tokyo Marathon Films

“We do not work like a traditional production company in that we do not represent directors”

“We are a hybrid agency/production company and creative director,” claims onedotzero’s Shane Walter. “Clients and agencies come to us because of the knowledge and expertise we have in the area of progressive moving image.” 

The latest manifestation of this approach comes in a series of three films for Japanese sneaker brand Asics to promote the Tokyo Marathon, produced with ad agency Dentsu. Three filmmakers – Johnny Hardstaff, Plusetplus and Seed Animation – responded to the simple brief of ‘running’ with films to be shown on public displays during the event. 

“We commissioned three creators from a small international call for treatments,” explains Walter. “Two UK-based directors were chosen; Johnny Hardstaff and Seed Animation, joined by New York based Plusetplus.”


Hardstaff’s film (above) projects images onto an Asics shoe while those from Plusetplus and Seed are more straightforward, if cute, narratives based on running. 

Ad agency: Dentsu Inc Kansai
Creative director/producer: Shane Walter
Production: onedotzero industries


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