Only Fortnum’s campaign delves into the department store’s history

Fortnum & Mason has commissioned a series of new illustrations for a print campaign celebrating some of its lesser known stories – like the fact that it invented the Scotch egg, and fed hungry sherpas at the summit of Mount Everest

Illustration by Chervelle Fryer

The ads feature a mix of up-and-coming and established illustrators, whose work accompanies long-form copy recounting key moments from Fortnum & Mason’s history, as well as sharing some of the store’s impressive attention to detail.

There’s the merry-go-round that once sat in the middle of the Piccadilly store, now remembered with a revolving musical biscuit tin, or the fact that Fortnum & Mason smokes salmon and harvests honey from its own rooftop. Who knew that the department store helped re-establish Black Mitcham mint in Britain, for its teabags, or that its Elvas plums are so sought after that it’s announces their arrival in The Times every year?


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