Soft drink Ooha aims to be memorable with its series of silly ads

Working with Ogilvy Singapore and WPP Open X, the brand hopes to become famous by getting its name stuck in all of our heads

How do you promote a drink that nobody has tasted yet? You make people remember the name instead, which is the approach Ooha has taken for its launch in Thailand. 

Owned by the Coca-Cola Company, Ooha is a zero calorie, zero added sugar soft drink that has been tantalising tastebuds in Hong Kong with its interesting flavour combos, but the brand felt its launch in the highly competitive market of Thailand needed to shake things up.

A series of four ads have been created by Ogilvy Singapore and WPP Open X that embrace the onomatopoeic nature of the brand’s name and play out various silly situations where the expression ‘Oooohaaa!’ is repeated over and over to describe the “visceral feeling of drinking Ooha for the first time”.  

The shorts feature pink ninjas, thirsty gibbons, giant monsters, owl cowboys and tennis champs all shouting about the drink in their own way. The idea is to turn Ooha into an “ear-worm, an endless meme, an audio gif, that thing stuck in your head”.   

Directed by Stefan Falconer and produced by Golden Wolf at Stink, the ads are silly, memorable and another example of the industry’s welcoming of the weird and the wonderful back into advertising. 

Agency : Ogilvy Singapore and WPP Open X
CCO APAC: Reed Collins
CCO: Nicolas Courant
Executive Creative Director: Nikhil Panjwani
Director: Stefan Falconer
Production: Golden Wolf/Stink
Sound Engineer: Anders Ong