Gross new Pot Noodle ads are right on brand

This ridiculous but brilliant campaign is here to remind everyone of Pot Noodle’s core offering: that it fills a hole when you’re hungry

Created by adam&eveDDB, Pot Noodle’s new campaign takes a very literal approach to this brand insight, by showing various holes – a bird house, a pool table pocket, a washing machine drum – overflowing with noodles.

Running across TV, OOH and social, the campaign particularly leans into the British obsession with potholes, with those making a star appearance in the ad. The brand is also specifically targeting sites and media publications in locations notorious for potholes in Surrey, Essex and Northamptonshire with the ads.

This is purpose advertising as we’ve rarely seen it before, as Richard McGrann, creative at adam&eveDDB, points out: “In today’s purpose-driven advertising, there can be no higher calling than plugging a hole on the B372 with a steaming hot portion of Bombay Bad Boy.”

It’s all very silly, but also weirdly compelling. And while occasionally the noodles do look a bit like vomit, if there’s any brand that can take that and run with it, it’s Pot Noodle – after all, this is the product that once cheerfully described itself as the ‘slag of all snacks’.


Agency: adam&eveDDB
CCO: Richard Brim
Creative Director: Mark Shanley
Copywriter: Richard McGrann
Art Director: Andy Clough
Social Creative: Judith Tulkens
Production Company: Academy Films
Photographer: Frederick Paxton