OTO × Faithless: Insomnia, The Drop Off campaign

Category: Music – Brand Partnership; Entrant: The Romans

Although many people are aware of the reported links between cannabidiol (CBD) and reduced anxiety, CBD oil brand OTO realised that fewer of us know about its potential as a sleep aid.

To launch the brand in the UK and align it with a message about getting better rest, The Romans harnessed the power of iconic Faithless track Insomnia. They worked with the track’s original composer, Sister Bliss, to take the tempo down and remix Insomnia into a spacey, 27-minute soundscape – a far cry from the track’s origins as a dance anthem in the chronically sleepless 90s rave scene.

Sister Bliss brought in an eight-piece string section and added binaural beats – all in the hope of inducing tiredness. “We really want the listener to be able to drift off, so I hope there is a meditative element to it so they can just let the music wash over them,” she explains in a making-of video.

OTO X Faithless: Insomnia, The Drop Off
Category: Music-Brand Partnership
Entrant: The Romans
Client: OTO CBD
Agency: The Romans