Oxfam Christmas cards by Peter Saville, Grayson Perry, Sir Michael Craig-Martin and more

It may be a bit early to start thinking about Christmas but Oxfam have announced a series of cards for 2016 featuring work by six artists

The project was organised by design studio Kit Grover which specialises in creating products and merchandise for artists and in the cultural space. The company was asked to “assemble a very diverse group of artists to create images for a range of Christmas cards”.

“As with much of our work we are facilitators, art directors, curators and diplomats all rolled into one,” says Kit Grover. “We think the result has something for everyone, which is the point as we want the cards to sell to everyone.”

“We have previously worked with all of these artists at one point or another, and we like all of them too, which made it easier to give them an open but specific brief,” Grover says. “Briefing artists is sort of a strange exercise, but everyone was turned on by the idea of helping Oxfam achieve their goals.”

Some of the artists involved have created new work for the cards – Bob and Roberta Smith for example – while Raqib Shaw chose an existing painting “as I believe it captures the essence of Christmas – I will never forget the beautiful heavy snow weighing down the branches of pine trees in Kashmir.”

And Peter Saville donated a gold-tinted version of his Unknown Pleasures sleeve artwork for Joy Division – cue much tutting from graphic designers. “Oh, he’s done it again” etc etc All the artists worked for free on the project.

The cards will be available in Oxfam shops and the Oxfam Online Shop from 17 October.

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