Oxfam, Viral campaign

This charming ad for Oxfam was written and directed for the charity by Partizan Lab animation team, Frater

The viral, which aims to get us living more ethically, is notable for its lack of condescension, instead telling a story that is all too familiar – that we have a tendency to accumulate new things until we are overwhelmed with stuff that we don’t need. This simple notion is explained via a sweet animated character who begins the spot as a cheerful one-man-band but quickly becomes weighed down by all his instruments. The solution comes when he shares his stuff with others, who then form a happy troop of musicians. The spot ends with the tagline: ‘Have you found your ethical rhythm?’

Production company: Partizan Lab
Director/writer: Frater
Animation: Benji Davies, Jim Field
Music and sound design: Stuart Earl



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The Iranian Blogosphere

Map of the Iranian blogosphere produced by John Kelly and Bruce Etling for their paper, Mapping Iran’s
Online Public: Politics and Culture in the Persian Blogosphere
The Internet and Democracy project represents a series of studies carried out by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University that examine “how the internet influences democratic norms and modes, including its impact on civil society, citizen media, government transparency and the rule of law, with a focus on the Middle East”.
The Center’s initial studies looked at areas where the internet’s influence on democracy has been significant: at the impact of news site, OhmyNews, on the 2002 elections in South Korea; at the use of mobile technology in the organisation of protesters during Ukraine’s Orange Revolution; and, as shown above, at the Iranian blogosphere and its possible impact on political and democratic processes. The results from this third study offer up some interesting conclusions on the rise of blog culture within Iran…

Spin: Meta identity

Design studio Spin has created the identity and promotional material for Meta, an off-shoot of established antique house Mallett that aims to combine old craft and techniques with modern design

Not so street

Street Art at Tate Modern, installation view, © Tate Photography
As Banksy’s forays into the world of the white cube have shown, the meeting of grafitti art and the formal art establishment can be an uneasy one. This is reiterated in the current exhibition at Tate Modern, titled simply Street Art, which sees six international “urban” artists create artworks for the façade of the iconic building. The talent of the artists – who include Faile, JR, Nunca, Os Gemeos, Sixeart and the much-admired Blu – cannot be faulted but the method of display feels lazy, with all the works displayed on one side of the museum (to maximise the view when crossing over the Millennium Bridge presumably) where they compete with one another for attention.

Justice, Music video

French director Romain Gavras is behind this video for Justice’s track, Stress, which replaces the happy aesthetic of the band’s previous promos with a brooding, violent atmosphere. Rarely have the streets of Paris looked so bleak as we follow a gang of youths as they smash their way around the city, knocking down pretty much anyone, or anything, that gets in their path

Graphic Designer

Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency