Pablo Delcan’s non-AI generative art model

Prompt-Brush asks for suggestions, which Delcan then “generates” by hand and sends back. Here he discusses the conversations it’s opened around AI and the importance of human touch in the creative process

“It started less like an idea and more like a joke that then became an idea,” says Pablo Delcan, creator of Prompt-Brush, the “very first non-AI generative art model”. After posting the idea on his social channels, Delcan’s friends began sending him prompts that he would draw out quickly and send back to them. “The inspiration was from my interest in AI and the conversation that has been surrounding it for the past couple of years. I was also inspired by my son’s drawings.”

That was six months ago and since then Delcan has found the discourse around generative art has become broader but overall it’s stayed relatively negative. “It’s understandable since this new tool does change many things, starting with the value behind creating an image all the way to the ownership of ideas and styles,” he says.

“AI keeps expanding and growing as a more powerful and useful tool. One that is becoming more and more practical. Since I started the project I can see the wave getting closer and I find it to be more empowering than an existential crisis.”

All images: Prompt-Brush, Pablo Delcan