Creative Collaborators: Paddy & Joe at TBWA\London

In the next instalment of our series all about creative partnerships, we speak to creative team Paddy & Joe about how genuine friendship and snacks have become a key part of the process

Traditionally in a creative team or partnership working at an advertising agency, one person takes on the role of art director and the other looks after the copywriting, and together they create advertising work that is a perfect blend of words and pictures. In the digital age, though the work has changed slightly to incorporate the different forms our communication now takes, creative duos still exist happily in the agency setting.

Paddy Paddison and Joe Moloney, AKA Paddy & Joe, are a creative team currently working at TBWA\London. Collectively they’ve also worked with Fold7, BMB, NB Studio, Karmarama and many more. The duo first met in 2015, when they were both hired on a freelance project. “We were freelancing at an agency called Naked. I’d just heard about creative teams and didn’t realise forming a partnership was such a big deal,” says Moloney. “So I pretty much asked Pads on day two if they wanted to pair up and said lots of stupid jokes. To which I got a kind of crazy look of ‘we don’t even know each other, chill out’.” 

Paddison remembers the jokes vividly. “Joe came in terribly hungover on the first day so I thought he was a bit mad. Then he started cracking his jokes and eventually redeemed himself,” they say. “We were brought in to write tweets for a Christmas campaign which we thought was a bit rubbish. No one was engaging with it. So we proactively started making loads of weird video content for their socials which made the campaign loads better.” 

The Guardian, Space for campaign. All images: Paddy & Joe